Enjoy Complimentary Cocktail Tastings!

Complimentary cocktail tastings

By “complimentary cocktail tastings” they do mean FREE BOOZE! Why anyone would put those two words together in that order is beyond us at GRiD-NY, but as we like to say around here: #dontoverthinkit!

The Regal is a cocktail bar and restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that serves classic cocktails and house specialties. It won the Diner’s Choice award from OpenTable in 2016 so consider yourself lucky! Management is not only crazy enough to offer this once but this is apparently an ongoing thing! Twice per week! And every Friday night!!

The complimentary cocktail tasting runs from 6-7PM on Tuesday AND Friday evenings and the cocktails vary daily. So feel free to stop by everyday. Complimentary cocktails is way better than whatever other promotion sitting in your email box right now… you’re welcome. You can thank us by posting a comment and letting us know how things went – assuming you will be able to recall any relevant details.

Check out their website for details.


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