Warm Up Your Winter with Toasty Italian Food at ‘Parm’!

Photograph by Katie Stuller

In 2011, an Italian-American sandwich shop opened on Mulberry Street, called Parm. Five years later, that sandwich shop expanded into four full-sized restaurants across Manhattan, and just recently, it opened its fifth location–in Brooklyn!

Parm offers a variety of pasta dishes, fresh salads, and saucy sandwiches. Though the menu is somewhat small, the Williamsburg venue is huge and offers plenty of seating for large parties. Planning a Secret Santa dinner? Make your reservations at Parm to enjoy plush seating and beautiful decor of the three most festive colors: red, silver and gold!


 Try These 5 Best Parm Dishes:

1.) The Fried Calamari

Made with local squid and Mulberry long hot peppers!

2.) The Eggplant Parm Sandwich

Hot, cheesy, savory, and a great option for vegetarians!

3.) The Fusilli Bolognese

Filled and topped with classic meat gravy and New York ricotta. Wowza!

4.) The Italian Combo Sandwich

Come hungry to enjoy this meat, cheese and veggie packed ‘wich.

5.) The Chicken Parm Sandwich

They call it, “The sandwich that started it all!”

To make reservations and scope out the menu, visit the Parm website. Feel free to visit one of their other locations, too, in Manhattan or New Jersey.


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