DeKalb Market Hall Is the Chelsea Market of Brooklyn


Image provided by the DeKalb Market Hall

If there’s one thing New Yorkers love, its marketplaces: more food than you could possibly eat, all within one space. The Chelsea Market claims to be the greatest indoor food hall in the entire world. Who could disagree? Packed with 35 different food vendors, inside a building of 1.1. million square feet, the Chelsea Market satisfies every appetite.

That is, until, the DeKalb Market Hall opens in early 2017 at City Point in Brooklyn. While its 26,000 square foot venue will not compare to the vast space of the Chelsea Market, this indoor food hall will be the largest indoor food hall in Brooklyn. And it will be whipping up some of Brooklyn’s best food, drinks and treats.

Below is a list of the 19 confirmed vendors who will be bringing the best of New York to Downtown Brooklyn… very, very soon!

  • Arepa Lady
    • A Queens-based Colombian restaurant, ready to open shop and serve amazing, meaty arepas.
  • Belle Cheese
    • The most important food group: cheese.
  • Bread and Spread
    • Organic meats and cheeses, homemade spreads, and garden veggies, roasted on fresh, local breads.
  • Brooklyn Juice Bar
    • The smoothie of your dreams is waiting for you.
  • Bun-Ker
    •  Tangy, spicy, flavorful Vietnamese food from Queens.
  • Cuzin’s Duzin
    •  Do not let the “mini” in “mini donut” throw you off. These donuts are packed with flavor and savor.
  • Eight Turn Crepe
    • Imagine a crepe, stuffed full of sweet or savory treats, rolled into a cone. A CREPE CONE.
  • Forcella
    • The definition of hand-crafted, gourmet pizza.
  • Fulton Landing Seafood
    •  Fresh. Clean. Sustainable. Offering raw seafood for purchase, as well as delicious prepared meals.
  • Guss’ Pickles
    • Sweet, sour, crunchy pickles, blended with herbs like freshly chopped garlic, pickling spices and celery seed!
  • Hard Times Sundaes
    • No, not ice-cream–juicy, fat cheeseburgers and hot dogs, with hot, fresh chili and fries on the side.
  • Kat’z Deli
    • Corn beef and pastrami cured for 30 days before served. Now THAT is clean, fresh meat.
  • Lioni Italian Heroes
    • Sandwiches, pizza and Italian dishes, named after great Italian heroes. Prepare to say, “Hello, I would like to order on large Robert De Niro.”
  • MeltKraft
    • Original, organic grilled cheeses. The cheese-making cows, sheep and goats live a better life than you do.
  • Seven 1 Cake
    • A small, local baker named Shana Lawson is bringing cakes, push pops and other treats to DHM.
  • Wilma Jean
    • “Fried Chicken. Cold Beer. 7 Days a Week.” That’s their motto.

You can find more details on the DeKalb Food Hall’s opening day by checking out the website. Start preparing your stomach for the endless, delicious options!



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