New York Loves these French Cookies!

Michel et Augustin French Cookies

Michel et Augustin Cookies are the New Cupcakes!

Michel et Augustin French Cookies
Melty Middle Praline Toasted Almond (All photos courtesy of Michel et Augustin)

Michel et Augustin is a world-renowned French cookie company that has recently entered the $20 billion American biscuits-and-cakes industry. The first stop? New York City, of course! It has found success by embracing a new beginning and emphasizing its French pastry savoir-faire and kooky ways! New Yorkers have welcomed Michel et Augustin with open arms. The cookie squares and mini melty cookies are already classic hits but also keep an eye out for:

  • Chocolate mousse! Michel et Augustin’s “prize-winning and  world-revolutionizing”
  • Kooky coupons
  • Cookie buttons! A chocolate chip cookie with a hole in the middle…filled with chocolate and hazelnut ganache
  • The Smart Cookie Series – A series of talks with interesting people. Coming soon… a master storyteller from House of Cards!?

The Interview!

GRiD-NY.COM interviewed Michel et Augustin’s Communications Director in the US, Lily Dionne-Jermanovich to find out exactly how kooky, these self-proclaimed kooky cookies really are!

Michel et Augustin French Cookies
The founders, Michel et Augustin and the kooky cookies!

GRiD-NY: Why NYC? What does Michel et Augustin find sexy about New Yorkers who like to eat biscuits and cakes?

LD: We have been around in France for 12 years and we built something VERY special over there. We were ready to take on a new challenge – and wanted to bring our French pastry savoir-faire and kooky adventure to the United States of America! New Yorkers have high standards, they like good quality ingredients, and they are movers and shakers. It’s a FIT!

GRiD-NY: Who is your main target market demographic?

LD: EVERYONE! No, but really. Our mission is to make the whole world smile!

GRiD-NY: What works, and what has not worked with New Yorkers?

LD: We started by offering a wide selection and are narrowing it down according to what New Yorkers are responding to the most. New Yorkers love their chocolate, ‘though I have to say, when people try the lemon meringue squares, they generally convert. 😉

Another product that we are unfortunately stopping here [raspberry-pistachio shortbread cookies are another] is the petites baguettes. But that’s ok! We’ve got other exciting concoctions we’ll be bringing over soon!

New Yorkers love their chocolate!

GRiD-NY: What is distinctive about Michel et Augustin and why do you think it resonates with New Yorkers or Americans in general?

LD: We have a dream: to spread the French pastry know-how across the universe! As a part of that, we want to be the first company to be made up of 100% pastry-certified kooky cookies (our staff) and we launched our first class on November 21st. We wanted to go right to the source – to learn a manual trade so each of us can in turn spread the pastry love. And we decided to open that class to the public – so we offered a spot for FREE to two New Yorkers who participate in our epic bake-off!

We are also all about sharing our adventure with the public. Everything we do – our Monday morning breakfast, our Open House, our kooky welcome snack for new kooky cookies – we try to share on all available channels. We want YOU to be a part of it. All of our fans and fans-to-be are instrumental in building this adventure!

GRiD-NY: What’s your best selling product?

LD: Our cookie squares and our cookie squares are actually rectangles. Also our mini melty cookies are a hit!

We want to be the first company to be made up of 100% pastry-certified kooky cookies!

GRiD-NY: How hard is it to become pastry certified and earn the orange apron?

LD: We are talking about two different things here! To get the orange apron, you have to first get hired by our supersonic HR department and kooky cookies, and then  bake a “welcome snack” for the kooky cookies!

Getting pastry-certified is another thing: our dream is to become the first ever company to be 100% pastry certified. When we say pastry certified, we mean getting the certificate from France, it’s called the CAP, or professional aptitude diploma. That requires a long 78-hour curriculum, lots of practice and an exam administered by the French state. THAT is serious business. 😉 We are almost 40 kooky cookies to get certified, with many more on their way!

Michel et Augustin French Cookies
The Smart Cookie Series at the Banana Farm!

GRiD-NY:  The GRiD-NY staff favorite is the lemon meringue! Is there anything else New Yorkers like nearly as much as chocolate?

LD: Thank you! We love them too! Chocolate is definitely king here. Though I have to say, we’ve been running focus groups about our melty middle cookies and people love the praline and toasted almond cookies a lot after tasting them – another non-chocolate selection.

GRiD-NY: What’s next? Can we anticipate a fudge brownie or premium French ice cream product?

LD: The next thing we want to bring to America is our prize-winning world-revolutionizing chocolate mousse. In France we have three flavors today: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and 2 chocolates and coffee. Stay tuned to see which flavors make it over! We are CONVINCED that New Yorkers would be big fans!

GRiD-NY: Michel et Augustin is well known for its kookiness and kooky marketing. Are there any kooky coupons available?

LD: Coming SOON!

So in terms of guilt, there should be none. Indulging is a beautiful thing!

GRiD-NY: Which social causes or non-profits do you support? If New Yorkers eat more of your cookies in one sitting than initially planned, can they rationalize that it was for a good cause?

LD: Well first, the ingredients are top-quality. That is the biggest thing for us. So in terms of guilt, there should be none. Indulging is a beautiful thing, if the ingredients are GOOD and you enjoy yourself! As Michel and Augustin themselves say: the key to happy living is about eating a little bit – of everything, and waddling around. Nothing to it. 😉

As far as community involvement goes, we have a lot of in-kind partnerships with various community and cultural organizations.  In France, we have a range of causes that are close to our hearts. [Click here to see the list and feel free to use google translate]

Track Down these Cookies!

Where can you get these delicious Michel et Augustin cookies? Just about everywhere: Starbucks, Whole Foods, Fairway, Stop & Shop, and even CVS! Track them down, here! However perhaps the best place to get acquainted with Michel et Augustin is at their monthly open house. It’s like a brewery tour for cookie lovers!

Michel et Augustin French Cookies



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