Think Coffee: A Social Project in a Cup


Meet Jason Scherr: a man who loves his coffee and his community. Scherr is the owner of Think Coffee, a small-scale coffee chain that many New Yorkers know and love. But did you know that Think Coffee is much more than just another coffee chain, battling to make it onto a Top Ten list?

Inside every cup of Think Coffee is a social project. Scherr’s goal, when starting Think Coffee, was to develop a company that actually stayed true to its claimed ties between the coffee drinkers, and the coffee farmers. Social Project Coffee was born.

Scherr travels to the various coffee origins and personally meets with the farming partners who handle trade. You guessed it: Think Coffee is 100% Fair Trade. The Social Project Coffee addresses a variety of social issues that stem as a result of coffee production, such as issues related to education, labor conditions, living conditions, medical treatment, health and wellness, and women’s rights.

Right now, Think Coffee is working with these three places to develop better coffee and better communities:

1.) Kellensoo, Ethiopia

The coffee from Ethiopia adds a bright fruit flavor to your cup! In return, Think Coffee is providing Kellensoo with resources to reduce school dropouts. The dropouts are linked to a lack of feminine confidence. Think Coffee has provided feminine hygiene kits and reproductive health classes to women, so they can carry on and be awesome, despite menstrual issues.

2.) Santa Isabel, Nicaragua

Think Coffee is working to promote adult literacy in Santa Isabel. Scherr has worked alongside Don Jaime Lovo since 2012 to turn his working environment into a place with clean conditions and access to sports fields (to encourage physical well-being), delicious produce (to encourage healthy eating), and on-site schooling (to promote literacy and education). Amazing!

3.) Bella Vista, Mexico

In Bella Vista, Think Coffee is working hard to make sure that the harvest quality is the best it can be. When the coffee fruit is ripe and fresh, Think Coffee can pay their partners much more. By reaching out and offering their eight Bella Vista farming families the tools needed to achieve success, Think Coffee proves that helping others achieve financial stability is the key to a functioning partnership.

This all sounds pretty awesome, right?

Scherr’s mission is even more productive because it not only helps communities globally — it helps New Yorkers too! Think Coffee gives 10% of their taxed profit to the neighborhoods in which the stores are located. There are 9 locations:

All nine of these neighborhoods are receiving funding from Think Coffee to improve community services, such as a after school programs, daycare, youth groups, and preschool programs.

So you know what this means, right? When you’re debating whether or not you deserve a hot, creamy mocha, head to Think Coffee and you’ll kill two birds with one stone. You’ll treat yourself, and give back to local and global communities. Sounds like an excuse to drink Think Coffee everyday!

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