Interview with Comedian Eagle Witt


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Eagle Witt began his comedy career in 2014. His routines are loose and free flowing. They are grounded in self deprecation and storytelling. His bi-racial background is a source of diverse perspective and his likability allows him to connect with audiences. Eagle is always having fun while performing, and he has the #besthairincomedy!

For Eagle, the best part of being a comedian is getting paid to do what you love! That’s something many can relate to. We caught up with Eagle recently to find out how he does it and his advice for the rest of us!

I want it all. I can’t imagine living life striving for anything less than greatness.

GRiD-NY: Where are you from? Are you a New Yorker born and raised?

EAGLE WITT: I have bounced around a lot. I have spent most my time in Upstate NY & Brooklyn so I would call myself a NYer born & raised.

GRiD-NY: Where can fans check out your comedy?

EAGLE WITT: I regularly perform at New York Comedy Club, The Stand, Stand Up NY, Comic Strip Live, LOL Comedy Club, and The Creek & the Cave. Check their lineups and see when I am there! In general check out a show at those dope venues. Follow me on social media for an easier look at my schedule. @eaglewitt on Instagram. I wish this answer did not sound so much like an advertisement.

GRiD-NY: What’s your career goal? We would assume it’s to make it big in comedy but is it more specific than that?

EAGLE WITT: Making it big would definitely be dope. At bare minimum I would like to be making enough money off comedy to make my mom never think about money again. I would also like the ability to perform on any stage at any time due to my name. At maximum? I want it all. I can’t imagine living life striving for anything less than greatness.

To me getting paid to do what you love is a cool life achievement. The feeling is amazing.

GRiD-NY: Why NYC? Is it by default or is this where it’s at for comedians trying to make it?

EAGLE WITT: It was definitely a conscious decision. I have family in LA. I could have [gone] there straight after high school. New York is the mecca of stand up. You can make it in LA but to be great at the art there is no better place than NY.

GRiD-NY: What other cities have a good comedy scene for up and coming comedians?

EAGLE WITT: LA, Chicago, Philly, & Boston are the famous scenes outside of NY. That is not to say there aren’t some great ones elsewhere.

GRiD-NY: What’s your biggest achievement thus far?

EAGLE WITT: That’s so hard to say. This interview! [wink!] I will keep it simple and say getting paid to do stand up. Every time I get paid to do stand up I feel like I invented a cheat code in life. To me getting paid to do what you love is a cool life achievement in general. I hope it keeps happening but I also hope I never get used to it. The feeling is amazing.

GRiD-NY: Any advice for others who are trying to make it in NYC – especially in comedy?

EAGLE WITT: If you are trying to make it in NYC in general, good luck! This expensive, reckless city will eat you up! No, [really] my advice is be safe, and have fun. When it comes to comedy in this city my advice is simple. It is like anything else you may want in life. WORK HARD. This city gives you the opportunity to be the best stand up [comedian] in the world. Try your best to take advantage of that. If you want advice on the improv world of comedy here. I am not your man. I do stand up.

I had a heckler in the crowd yell out that he was “tired of all this n*ggerdom”. He then tried to fight me when I got off stage.

GRiD-NY: What’s the best career advice you’ve ever gotten and from whom?

EAGLE WITT: I have gotten so much good advice so far. This is tough. My best friend in comedy (Usama Siddique) told me basically to work hard, but he said it with a lot more words. That changed everything for me. My big homie in comedy (Neko White) told me basically never stop moving forward. When you get one thing, ask yourself, “what’s next?” That was very important for me when I started to get a bunch of success and hit goals I had. I am forgetting to mention a lot of great advice from great people but this interview would never end if I went on.

GRiD-NY: Who are your favorite comedians or which comedians influenced you the most?

EAGLE WITT: Dave Chappelle is definitely my favorite. I have probably been influenced a little by everyone. I pride myself on being me though.

GRiD-NY: What’s the craziest thing to ever happen to you on stage?

EAGLE WITT: I had a heckler in the crowd yell out that he was “tired of all this n*ggerdom”. The level of racism in that is hilarious in itself. Sounds like a Chappelle sketch. I handled him well and in a super funny manner. He then tried to fight me when I got off stage.

GRiD-NY: What do you think of Get Out the new horror film by Jordan Peele?

EAGLE WITT: I can’t wait for it to come out. I think it looks great. That and the Tupac movie [All Eyez On Me] are my most anticipated movies of the year.

Eagle Witt has worked comedy clubs all over New York City and the rest of the country. Nowadays he can most regularly be caught performing at New York Comedy Club, The Stand, Carolines, StandupNY, Comic Strip Live, LOL Comedy club, and Creek & The Cave. He is often considered one of the funniest up and coming young comedians NYC has to offer. His credits include Elite Daily’s “Generation Why”, CollegeHumor, Ron Bennington show on SiriusXM, and the curl room on FusionTV. Eagle is here to stay. Join his more than 10k followers on Instagram or follow him on Twitter. You can find him on both @eaglewitt.

And yes, Eagle Witt is his real name. Like his hair, he got it from his Momma!


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